Chocolate Cheese?

I know. Chocolate cheese? Sounds revolting.

Revelation Cheddar Cheese from the Truckle Cheese Co.

But let me tell you, the level of gross you are imagining is the level of gorgeous that it tastes.

I discovered Revelation Cheddar at a fair recently with my mum and we both screwed our faces up when we saw it on display at the Truckle Cheese Co stand but I couldn’t not try it. I tried a chunk smeared with Pear & Vanilla Pod Chutney and it was beautiful. The mature cheddar twang combines creamily in your mouth with the dark chocolate and the result is heavenly.

My mum was a little harder to convince to try it. But the second time we passed the Truckle stand I still hadn’t stopped talking about it so she agreed to shut me up try it and it got her seal of approval too. Whilst Mum was trying some of the other varieties I had a quick chat with the lovely Truckle Cheese lady. She told me they are a family business that make all the produce they sell, her husband invented the chocolate cheese (that man deserves a medal) and her daughter runs the online store.

It would be perfect at Christmas, not just because of the festive taste, but to see the surprise on your friends’ and families’ faces as they go from tentatively trying a tiny bite with a wrinkled nose to devouring the next bite whole and demanding more.

If you’re still not convinced about the chocolate cheese consider trying some of Truckle Cheese Co’s other delights, especially their Fig & Honey Wensleydale (my mum’s favourite), Mature Vintage Cheddar and their Onion Marmalade which is seriously the best I have ever tried. The gift hampers look good value too.

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