Hendricks Tea Set

I love gin and I particularly love Hendricks.

I had been hankering after this Victorian inspired tea set ever since my husband and I enjoyed a Gin Punch for Two at Kopapa in Covent Garden a few months ago.

Henricks Gin Tea Set

My husband is very good to me; he willingly sat in public drinking a gin cocktail (he hates gin) out of a dainty china tea set and even extended his pinky finger with me – now there is a man secure in his masculinity.

These limited edition tea sets were only sold commercially so I kept an eye on EBay and my fingers crossed. I found two or three sets but bidding was fierce and they all sold for around £160, I didn’t want one that much. But then I saw a second-hand set with an unpopular auction end time and, probably as I was the only person awake, I got it for much less than £160. Even better, when it arrived there were 7 cups instead of 6!

My Hendricks Tea Set

Hendricks Teapot

I love the quirky design in the sage green. I think originally my set must have come from two different sets as the green is a slightly different shade on some of them and there are a couple of minor chips to the cup bases, but it just adds to the quirkiness of the set.

I had a go at recreating Kopapa’s gorgeous ice-cold Gin Punch for Two with some success, although I fiddled about so much with the quantities that I ended up with a massive pitcher full of the stuff and a sore head the next morning. I didn’t keep track of the measures to post the recipe here, but if you’d like to give it a try the ingredients are:

  • Hendricks gin
  • Chamomile tea
  • Cloudy apple juice
  • Gewürztraminer

If you’re interested in a tea set of your own there are a couple on EBay at the moment.

There’s also a limited edition Hendricks ‘Time for Tea’ gift pack with a bottle of the good stuff and a similar style cup and saucer to the set above. I found it for £34 at Harvey Nichols.

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9 thoughts on “Hendricks Tea Set

  1. Brett says:

    I’ve just bought a full set, in original box. I can’t wait for it to arrive, I now feel like I can’t drink hendricks without it! :-)

    We’re planning a night of cocktail testing, I just hope we’re not too pissed and break a cup….

  2. Frances says:

    Wow, this set is stunning, I can see why they are so in demand. You must be chuffed with your set – I raise my glass of gin to your efforts!

    • The Hankerer says:

      They’re gorgeous aren’t they Frances? Very chuffed I got a set, especially as there don’t seem to be any out there at the moment. Think I got lucky!

  3. stefano gozzi says:

    hi, i’m desperately searching for a complete set, pot included, for a bitrhday gift to my wife, but unfortunately i can’t find it anywhere… i’ve searched on ebay and on some others selling sites with no results.

    can you help me finding one? i’d pay any price… my wife’s birthday is in march so i don’t have much time, she’s in love with Hendrick’s gin (as i am), and that would be the perfect gift for her.

    contact me on stefano.gozzi.86@gmail.com

  4. She Hankers says:

    Amber it looks like they are a bit scarce at the moment doesn’t it?

    Don’t know if you’ve seen the set of six cups and saucers on EBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hendricks-Gin-Set-6-Cups-and-Saucers-/280792053596?pt=UK_Collectables_Advertising_ET&hash=item416082b75c

    Also saw this ad but not sure if it’s still live: http://scutt.eu/ad/215641/

    Alternatively would your son enjoy an afternoon tea? Hush Brasserie in central London do a Hendricks afternoon tea. I haven’t been there myself but heard great things…

    Hope you find one!

  5. amber radddigan says:

    my sister has just brought my son a xmas gift set with the gin and a cup and saucer….we loved the idea of a gin tea and would love a tea set like yourself…so if you hear of any sets goingas they are all sold out on ebay at the moment please contact me on 07837054644

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