Travelling with Glass

I’ve just returned from a long weekend in San Francisco visiting my brother and whilst I was there he asked me to come along to Crate & Barrel to help him pick up a dining table and chairs for his new apartment. It’s only a short walk from his apartment but with no car we had lots of comedy moments negotiating the equivalent of London’s Oxford Street with a well over-stacked sack barrow we borrowed to get the three massive boxes home and up to the fifth floor. When we returned the sack barrow to the shop I spotted this cold beverage jar with stand.

Cold Beverage Jar & StandI’ve never seen anything like this in the UK and immediately had romantic notions of serving traditional lemonade on the patio in summer out of this. I also thought my husband would really like it as he loves all things decanter-y.

Imagining the nightmare of getting a large glass item home on the plane I didn’t get it. But as I’d been hankering after it all weekend, just before leaving for the airport I decided I’d go back and see how safely they could package it up for a plane journey.

I didn’t know Crate & Barrel did UK delivery. I didn’t even think to ask. That knowledge would have saved me buying a cheap carry-on bag and a breathless sprint through Heathrow airport chasing the man who had accidentally taken it with him when he got off the plane.

But I got it back in one piece and proudly presented it to my husband to the underwhelming response of… “Meh”. He’ll change his mind when he pours himself a glass of traditional lemonade on the patio…

Have you seen anything similar to this?

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