Feeling Fuzzy About Felt

I’m feeling fuzzy about felt at the moment, particularly laser cut felt and especially Michelle Mason’s Stella rug, available in black, cream or purple.

Michelle Mason Stella Rug BlackShe also does matching table centrepieces. I’m hankering after the cream rug but know it would last all of five minutes in our house before one of the cats threw up on it or a bunch of teenage Goths trampled it with their New Rocks. So until I find a safe place to put it I’ll satisfy my laser cut felt hankering with my bargain £1.95 Enchanted Forest Place Mats from Dot Com Gift Shop.

Enchanted Forest Placemat - DotComGiftShop

Yes, they are cream placemats. After I diligently followed the cleaning advice to sponge clean only, I too thought it was a mistake to get cream as they started to look like they might grow legs and take themselves off to the bin in shame. So despite thinking I was sending them to their deaths I spritzed them with Vanish and put them in the washing machine on a cool wool wash and they not only survived but look as good as new. So they are in fact semi-practical. If you’re still not convinced, they’re also available in black or red at £3.95 each.

Enchanted Forest Placemat Black - DotComGiftShopDo you remember Fuzzy Felt? I think that is at the root of my hankering for felt…

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