I hadn’t heard of Graze until my friend Rachel sent me an email with a code for a free Graze box. Graze post healthy snack boxes to you on the days you choose. They fill them based on what snacks you tell them you love, like, would be happy to try or want them to bin. Each Graze box has four different snacks and costs £3.79.

Never one to turn down something for free, and hoping it would help with my attempt at a new and improved healthy lifestyle, I signed up for my free box and got upgraded to get my fifth box for free as well. I liked them already. Choose from a Nibble Box or one of the three Nutrition Boxes:

  • Eat Well Box
  • Boost Box
  • Light Box

I chose the Light Box which still has some treats while being low-calorie.

My first Graze box arrived in a box small enough to fit through the letterbox and with a couple of handy booklets telling me about what was in my box.  In it was:

  • Cherry tomato, basil and Puglian pesto focaccia
  • Bonnie wee oatcakes with a red onion marmalade
  • Fruit sundae
  • Green olives with basil and garlic.

I was so excited about the bread and olives that I forgot to photograph it until I had scoffed them. So here’s one of their press shots instead.

The focaccia and the oatcakes were really, really good, I have somewhat of an olive habit and was slightly disappointed that the olives weren’t better but that didn’t stop me from eating them in a few seconds. The dried fruit in the sundae was soft and moist; particularly the strawberries and the cherry infused sultanas were delightful.

My second box had some rosemary grissinetti (bread sticks to you and me) with a dip of a lovely tomato chutney which a hint of sharpness. The remaining three snacks were dried fruit and, as much as I like it, three dried fruit snacks was a little too much for me. Although I did like the Fig Roll, the small sponge discs alongside the fig and sesame balls and cinnamon spiced sultanas made it actually taste like a fig roll. The Fig & Cherry Fruit Bake was very sweet and was too much fig in one box combined with the fig roll. The last dried fruit snack was the Beach Bum with coconut flakes, mango and banana which was crunchy and not too sweet.

My ‘Light Boxes’ were worth 495 and 431 calories and so even though they’re ‘light’ options they were still almost a quarter of my daily calorie allowance. Normally I don’t think I would snack that much. But saying that, it is all good stuff and because they are in individual punnets you wouldn’t snack the same way as you might if you bought a larger box of nuts, olives or dried fruit.

Graze Box

I don’t know how regularly I would order Graze boxes. I’m at home most of the time and I can make a healthy lunch and grab a piece of fruit or veg in between if I’m peckish. But in some of the offices I’ve worked that weren’t near shops or only had bad snack choices (like my nemesis, the charity chocolate box) it would have been great to have had the option of pre-ordering a Graze box or two a week.

Having a Graze box every day of the working week would cost almost £19 a week and I think it would definitely be cheaper to buy the snacks individually from the supermarket and make up your own snack boxes if you had the time and inclination. But the convenience of Graze coupled with some of their really good products may well be worth it.

If you would like to try Graze, please feel free to use this code to claim your free box ‘YDGMB9VD’. *

*Please rest assured that I’m not giving you this code so I can claim money off any future boxes I may order from Graze. For any of you who decide to use the code, I will give the £1 raised to the Graze School Of Farming in Uganda where people are taught how to grow, maintain and then harvest fruit from their own trees, and not to get £1 off a Graze box. Scout’s honour.

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