Winter Warmers

Last night as I was lying in bed dressed in leggings, thermal vest, thermal top, socks and dressing gown under two duvets and two blankets next to all 6’3″ of my husband radiating body heat, I was still cold. Even turning away from the breeze coming through the failed double glazed windows didn’t make its usual difference. Yes I know it’s winter and it’s meant to be cold, but how many layers can a person wear?

For Christmas I received a Marks & Spencer Heatgen Long Sleve Thermal Top and I promptly went to my local M&S sale and bought as many as I could hold. I have literally worn them every day since, they don’t look thermal and are so warm. They are 25% off the normal price in the sale and come as leggings too. Or pop over to American Apparel where their thermals are going super cheap in the sale – I’m talking £5 cheap. For those of you put off by the picture below, they also do ones with full-length sleeves.

American Apparel Thermal Top

Wrist warmers are what the woman above needs and what I need when I’m typing, these soft Mermaid Cashmere Mix ones by Avoca Anthology would do very nicely. They are £18 from Inis.

Mermaid cashmere wristwarmers - Avoca Anthology

If I had this Blanched & Buckled Cardigan from Anthropologie I don’t think I would feel cold at all. It looks so thick and warm and I love the contrast of the leather buckles. At £158 I have my fingers crossed it might go in the sale and I can snap it up for next winter, or more likely this spring and maybe even during our British summer.

Blanched & Buckled Cardigan - Anthropologie

But still the thing that keeps me warmest is my onesie/baby-grow/all in one/bunny suit – whatever you want to call it. I used to come home from work every night and put it straight on but since living with my husband who hates it (what? I don’t look attractive in a baby-grow?), and as I’m still trying to keep some sort of attraction alive, I only put it on at select times. But he’s out tonight so I think I will spend the evening in it feeling warm.

What keeps you warm in this weather?

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