Anti-Valentine Presents

In the name of balance and because some of you may need an antidote to my earlier post, here are some anti-Valentine’s hankers.

Tell the b*stard you love them in a passive aggressive way with this card and magnet set by Seas & Peas.

I Love You Even Though You Are Mean To Me - Seas and Peas

These Bottle Cap Pendant and Necklaces by Jewels4Thought are straight-talking. If you’ve split up from that idiot but it’s still too hard to talk about without crying, you may want to wear the ‘I’m Not With Stupid Anymore’ pendant. Or give an ex the ‘You Are the Reason I Hate People’ as a parting gift. They’re £2.60 each for the necklaces or £3.25 for a set of three magnets.

Bottlecap Pendant Necklaces - Jewels4ThoughtBottletop Magnets - Jewels4Thought

Going through a bad patch but don’t want to completely ignore Valentine’s day? These pillowcases could be the perfect present from Bouf.

Barely Married Pillowcases - Twisted Twee

And for the times when only a C-bomb will do, this Teddy Bear by Blackhearts is £13.50.

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