Breeding Like Hares

When I like something, I can’t help looking around for things that will match it. I’m not the most organised person but I do get comfort from things around me looking orderly and matching, maybe a little too much.

I was very pleased when we got our lovely Jon Tremain ‘Running Hare’ picture which we hung in the kitchen.

Running Hare by Jon Tremaine

But then I started hankering after the Dish Bunny Washing Up Rack to put on the draining board underneath it.

Dish Bunny Washing Up Rack - Invotis Orange

I don’t want it to just look like a coincidence that there are two hare/rabbit things together, so the next thing I’m hankering after is this Hare Doormat by DroogHare Door Mat by Droog

The cheapest I’ve seen it in the UK is from Post Modern Designs at £89. It’s quite large, probably twice the width of a standard doormat so would be perfect in front of double doors. Hang on, we’ve got double patio doors in the kitchen! So really I need this to put across them as our normal-sized mat just isn’t up to the job. There I’ve convinced myself, now will that logic work on my husband I wonder?

For those of you not hankering after matching hares there is a similar hippo mat.

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3 thoughts on “Breeding Like Hares

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