Sofa City Sweetheart

When my husband and I moved in together we tried to cram our furniture from our two separately owned flats into our one jointly owned house. We had far too much stuff. One year, eleven months and three weeks later we have slowly sold, donated, swapped or binned almost enough furniture so we can move around the rooms without bashing shins and thighs on furniture corners. There have been battles though. Things we both couldn’t bear to part with, our beds for example.

I love my old bed, it was the first piece of furniture I ever bought nine years ago and I got it in the sale with a matching ottoman. It’s massive, heather-purple and upholstered so if you bash the corner of it as you walk past you don’t get a bruise. My husband also loves his bed, which is huge and so high that when I sit on the edge my feet just touch the floor. It is dark wood, square and regal looking with a chest of drawers to match.

But we compromised, my bed and ottoman went in the spare room and his bed and chest of drawers went in our bedroom. The thing is that we rarely have people to stay, or not often enough to warrant a queen-sized bed taking up a whole room anyway. So we’ve agreed to get rid of one of the beds (which one is still in discussion) and put a sofa bed in the spare room so we can use it properly as an office, but still accommodate people when we need to.

Two things I’ve discovered in my sofa bed search; sofa beds are expensive and sofa beds are ugly. Generally speaking of course. I’ve found some exceptions…

Not particularly inexpensive at £1300 but still cheaper than anything nice from Sofa Workshop and oh so beautiful is the Matilda Chesterfield Sofa Bed from Love Your Home For Less.  The colour. The buttons. The shape. I love it. Nearly as much as my old bed.

Matilda Chesterfield Sofa Bed - Love Your Home For Less

This sofa bed from Duffy London is £1545 but it is three products in one and deserves a mention as it’s so clever, useful and beautiful that it might be worth saving up for. Use it as a three-seater sofa (there’s also a four-seater version), fold it out into a sofa bed or take the cushions off and use it as a low dining table with floor cushions. This would be great for a small living room or studio.

Duffy London Sofa BedThe Copperfield Sofa Bed from Fashion For Home isn’t as pretty but does loads. Push the seats together as a sofa or pull apart as armchairs with a coffee table in-between, pull out as two single beds or a double bed, one person can recline while the other sits upright. The covers are loose so can be washed easily and come in beige-grey, grey-black or ugly silver-black. For £749 I think this is a great balance between design, versatility and price.Copperfield Sofa Bed - Fashion For Home

Made’s Yoko Sofa Bed is a bargain at £189, it’s really designed for one person so not quite as useful, although it’s got a similar amount of bed space as others I’ve seen sold as ‘small doubles’. It comes in five colours. Delivery from Made can take a while but is definitely worth it for the savings you get.

Yoko Sofa Bed Cream - Made

This next one is definitely more at the ugly end of the scale but it’s pretty inoffensive and cheap at £89. I had to include it because of this. Good old Ikea. You may not want to give it pride of place in your living room, but as an occasional bed in a spare room or kid’s bedroom it’s fine and nothing that a gorgeous throw and cushions couldn’t cheer up a bit.

Solsta Two Seat Sofa Bed - IkeaCan I make this Max the Bath Tub Chaise count as a sofa bed? You could sleep on it couldn’t you? Sort of?

Max the Bath Tub Chaise- Reestore

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