Olive Drop

My all-time biggest hanker is olives. I love them. Spanish, Italian, Greek, green or black, stuffed with feta, garlic, anchovies, pimento, manchego, lemon, well anything really. I have not yet disliked any olive combination I’ve tried. I’m convinced they count as one of my five-a-day, but my husband laughs at me when I say that. They’re good for you aren’t they?

My daughter has inherited the olive taste. When I buy olives we carefully count them up and divide them fairly between us. I scoff mine in the space of a few minutes but my daughter savours hers over a day or so. Occasionally I give in to temptation, I try not to take them but when I open the fridge they call out to me. I thought she hadn’t noticed, but the other day as she was putting her share of olives in the fridge she warned me “Just to let you know Mum, I’ve counted these and I know exactly how many there are.” Rumbled.

The Olive Drop must be the perfect dining accessory for us, it’s designed by Ernie Bakker and based on Kerplunk so instead of me just stealing my child’s olives* we could make a game of it. It’s £22 from The Hidden Art Shop.

Olive Drop - Ernie Bakker

The Staffordshire made ceramic base is designed to collect the oil that runs down the sides of the hand-drilled acrylic tube so you can soak it up with bread. You can also use the bamboo sticks to eat the olives. I’d like to get this, the only thing putting me off is that I might end up with less olives.

It’s called the Olive Drop but I suppose you could use this for other food too. Small lumps of cheese maybe, pickled onions, grapes, Maltesers?

* Olives are the only food I steal from my child. She somehow manages to make her October birthday chocolate last until Christmas, her Christmas chocolate last until Easter and her Easter eggs last until the summer and I don’t take ANY of it, even when it is screaming at me from the cupboards. See how much self-restraint I have?

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