1930s Junkaholique

I was going to write about sideboards this morning. But oh my gosh. This dress!

1930s yellow satin bias-cut dress - Junkaholique

We all know I have Art Deco aspirations but this 1930s yellow satin dress has me hankering like crazy, but alas, my hips aren’t going to fit in this unless I shave some bone off them. The colour is absolutely beautiful, maybe it was the glorious weather we had yesterday but it doesn’t seem unseasonal either.

This 1930s cherries purse also caught my eye and I won’t need to worry about it fitting me. I love embossed leather and the fact that they’re embossed cherries pleases me greatly.

1930s leather 'cherries' wallet - Junkaholique

Both are fromJunkaholique at £78 and £45 respectively. There are so many beautiful things on their site, I’m hankering after almost all the accessories they have.

Which is your favourite?

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6 thoughts on “1930s Junkaholique

  1. […] like embossed items (I’m still hankering after that embossed cherry purse I showed you recently), but embossed card has a particularly luxurious feel to it and the raised […]

  2. […] I wrote about the beautiful Junkaholique dress, a lovely reader asked me to keep my eyes peeled for a shorter dress suitable for her […]

  3. Caz says:

    Could you keep your eyes peeled for a shorter silk dress – I am hankering after one for my daughters christening. At only 4ft 11, I would look like a sack of spuds in something long so if you keep your eyes peeled, that would be great!
    Thanks Hankerer – loving your posts, keep them coming! ;)

  4. The Hankerer says:

    Gemma be warned – you may lose a couple of hours! ;)

  5. Gemma says:

    Oh…… What a beautiful dress!!!! I am off to pour over their site IMMEDIATELY!!

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