Al Fresco Apparatus

Now the weather is showing signs of brightening up I’ve been planning summer days sipping a long drink in the garden. Although the only thing in our garden is a trampoline and I can see that combination getting a bit messy so I’ve been hankering after garden furniture.

Not strictly a garden chair as it would look just as nice indoors or outdoors this seat has been inspired by a beer barrel making it lightweight, weather-proof and pretty darn gorgeous in my opinion. I really like the cushion too. It’s £155 from Garden Trading.

Barrel Seat by Garden Trading

I’ve always wanted a hammock but am a bit scared that whatever I attach it to will collapse on me when I’m in it, so this hammock and stand set by Hammock Heaven would let me relax rather than lie there rigid with fear. At a little over £96 I think it’s great value. They’ve also got a baby hammock which is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Jet Set Hammock & Stand Set by Hammock Heaven

Also from Hammock Heaven is the Globo, a gorgeous sculptural version of the swing seat. It isn’t cheap at just over £530 for the single version but it is beautiful. There is a double version and a kid’s version too.

Single Globo by Hammock Heaven

Taking garden furniture literally are Parameria who handmake these armchairs from natural sustainable materials in Thailand. They are so intricate and the curvy shape is wonderful. Available in two sizes from £275, I’m hankering for one of these.

Handmade armchair made from natural sustainable materials - Parameria

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