But How Are You Doing?

We all know people who love talking about themselves so much they hardly stop for breath. They may pause at some point and ask “But how are you doing?” but this is more due to social norms than their desire to know the answer. They half-listen to your reply with glazed eyes whilst making a mental list of what else they wanted to tell you.

In my experience people who do this usually fall into two categories. The hyperactive, fast talking type that just has too much excitement bubbling away inside that they flit from one OMG subject to another. Or the perennially depressed type that talks round and round the same subject never to make a decision.

Lene Bladbjerg has captured this perfectly in her hand pulled Me Me Me print.

ME ME ME Limited edition handpulled screenprint - LeneBladbjerg

Heck, at various points in our lives we’ve all probably been that person too.

So let’s listen quietly and when it gets too much, give them this print as a not-so-subtle hint. It’s £58.90 and a limited edition of 100.

How do you respond to people like this, smile sweetly or shout over them?

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2 thoughts on “But How Are You Doing?

  1. Ha ha excellent, this communicates really well. I am the kind of person who will smile sweetly, and just agree with everything unfortunately!! What type are you?

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