Notes On Origami

For our wedding I had the romantic notion to make an origami ‘beating’ heart for each guest’s place card. Until I made two. I realised that for almost a hundred guests it would take me hours. So I gave up and we had badges instead.

Despite giving up so easily, I still like the idea of origami presents and when I saw this Bespoke Origami Writing Set by Love Racoons Illustration it had me hankering.

Bespoke Origami Writing Set by Love Racoons Illustration

Write your note on the plain side of the origami paper and with the aid of the origami folding instructions, turn your note into a lily. The pack is available from Designers / Makers and is £6 for a set of five envelopes and origami sheets. The printed designs include foxes, wild flowers, cupcakes and hearts, swallows and stars.

How lovely it would be to open an envelope amidst all the bills and junk mail with a handmade lily note inside.

If you’re interested to see the ‘beating’ heart I was planning, here’s a nice tutorial from a guy called Rob:

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5 thoughts on “Notes On Origami

  1. Gemma says:

    Coincidence! My girls and I were making these hearts last week, as I had the same notion of using them for placecards or possibly making bunting with them. The girls were pretty good at them, so I figure if they make 5 each every day after school – we should have plenty by next September! Ah, the benefits of having children :-)


    • The Hankerer says:

      I think it would be lovely to have then as placecards, I’m afraid my laziness just got the better of me ;)

      Hope you get them all done for your wedding! Are you doing them on plain or patterned paper?

      • Gemma says:

        I was thinking just plain, but pattern sounds more interesting actually….Hmmm, I’ll look into

  2. thebitchybride says:

    This is a brilliant idea – thanks for sharing!

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