Easter Memory Makers

The best Easter Sunday I’ve ever had was at my friend’s house a few years ago. Everyone was given a boiled egg that had been decorated in advance to look like them and before lunch there was an egg and spoon race down the garden. The house was decorated with Easter wreaths, pretty papier-mâché eggs were hanging from the house plants and later there was an Easter egg hunt. Of course chocolate eggs are gorgeous but really the only memory of them is the extra half-inch round your hips, so include some fun memories too this Easter.

The Easter egg with a secret message is a lovely alternative to a chocolate egg or Easter card. It is a real egg-shell with a secret message inside that can only be accessed by breaking the egg open. Goodness knows how they got the message in there in the first place, but I think it’s a smashing idea. They are £6 each.

Easter Egg With Secret Message - Yum Made This

These lovely printable designs at $6.50 are a cheep (I’m not sorry!) way to perk up your Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Kit - Pipier's Place

This Easter tradition I saw over at See Jane Blog is so sweet for any little kids you may be sharing Easter with, plant some jelly beans and see what grows…

What Easter traditions do you have?

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4 thoughts on “Easter Memory Makers

  1. We just found out today you featured our Easter Hunt Kit! Thank you! -Piper and Jamie

  2. We just found out today that you featured out Easter Hunt Kit! Thank you! -Piper and Jamie

  3. […] isn’t something we really celebrate which is why I enjoyed my Easter so much at the home of those who do. The only part of Easter my family take part in is the […]

  4. stephen boyd says:

    When I opened my egg the message said: Help. I’m being held prisoner
    in this Easter Egg factory.

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