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Stationery Hampers

So here in the UK, today is National Stationery Day and to celebrate I’m hankering after stationery hampers.

Did you absorb that? Stationery hampers! I didn’t know such things existed until my lovely uncle emailed me with the news.

I love giving a hamper as a gift but mostly hampers are food related (and I’m all for that) but not all people are foodies. Other hampers are bath and beauty related but as someone whose skin breaks out at the mere suggestion of a smelly bath product, I assume it’s a bit of a risk for everyone. So I think stationery is a fantastic idea.

Bureau Direct start their hampers small with the Bureau Mini Stationery Hamper which, if we’re honest, is less of a hamper and more of a set. It contains a colour coordinated notebook and pen and prices range from £11.45 – £16.50 depending which colour and brand (Rodea, Leuchtturm or Moleskin) you choose.

Bureau Mini Stationery Hamper - Bureau DirectThere are three other hampers to choose from in smart black and orange packaging. The Rhodia Hamper is £26.95 and can definitely be described as a hamper as it has six notebooks of varying sizes and two pencils.

Bureau Stationery Hamper - Rhodia Hamper

The Super Hamper is £39.95 and is super indeed with five different sized notebooks, a pen loop, pen and a pencil.

Bureau Stationery Hamper - Super Hamper

The Ultimate Hamper comes with a massive 17 different pads, notebooks and journals, pen pot, luggage tag, black and coloured pen loops, two pens (including a Fisher Spacepen that writes upside down, underwater, from -30ºF to 250ºF, and in space), a pencil and some rather fancy paperclips. At £235 it is the ultimate present for the stationery lover in your life.

Bureau Stationery Hamper - The Ultimate Hamper

Bureau Direct are so excited about National Stationery Day they are giving everyone who orders stationery from them today a free gift and a chance to win a Lamy Joy calligraphy pen.

Tell me in the comments section which kind of hamper  you’d prefer – pamper, food, wine or stationery?

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Wedding Tea Towels

When we got married last year our wedding invitations reflected how me and the Mr met. We both work in safety & ‘Mr & Mrs Safety’ is how we are known, to his friends particularly.

Mr & Mrs Safety - Our Wedding Invite

I bought an image from Getty, designed them myself and had them printed by a friend at mates rates, they were cheap and cheerful and did the job. But if I’d seen The Original Wedding Tea Towel Company when I was getting married I would have been very tempted.

Instead of a card, invite your friends using a tea towel or bag that can be used and kept forever. Perfect for a save the date, an invite, favour or instead of a thank you card.

Choose your design from the Penny Friendly all black design at £40.

Penny Friendly - Wedding Tea Towel

Or a design from the Classic Collection for £50, like this Spring Hill design.

Spring Hill - Wedding Tea Towel

Or you may like one of the Boutique designs at £85. You can also create your own bespoke design for £160.

Wedding Postcard - Wedding Tea Towel

Once you’ve chosen your design, count how many you’ll need to see the full price. Delivery is free in the UK and it will cost you the price of a large letter to post them out to your friends and family.

For 100 guests including artwork from the classic collection you’re looking at around £325, which is about the same as some designed paper invites and certainly less than a lot of traditional favours and your guests’ reactions will be priceless.

Even though I’ve got no use for them I’m still hankering after them. So if you’re going to use them for your wedding, can you invite me so I can at least have one? Pretty please?

The Original Wedding Tea Towel Company can also do tea towels for birth announcements. If we’re blessed with another baby hankerer, I’ll definitely do that.

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GX2 Homegrown

GX2 Homegrown is one of the designers I’ve featured most on The Hankerer. I’m not on commission, I just love her clever designs and her new card designs are another hit with me.

Raven Card, Scrawl Your Own Greeting - GX2 Homegrown

Instead of a small sticker reading ‘Blank For Your Greeting’, that message is integrated into the design. A beautiful black raven is holding in his beak a banner for you to ‘scrawl your own greeting’ on. This card is £2.

This colourful hand sewn personalised bunting card is simple but really special. It’s £3.50.

Personalised Bunting Card - GX2 Homegrown

I am so glad I’m connected to you. Doesn’t this just encompass how you feel about some people? Two hearts are joined together by hand stitched waxed linen. It’s available in three different colour combinations for £2.

I am so glad I'm connected to you - GX2 Homegrown

GX2 doesn’t just do cards, her artwork is breathtaking. Take a look at her 1950s inspired Burlesque print entitled ‘Slip n’ Slide n’ Melt Beside Me’.

A5 Burlesque Print - GX2 Homegrown

A gorgeous piece of art for £5. I love it.

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Honest Wine Tags

When my husband and I started going out he bought a wine tasting qualification pack that we could do together. I was very touched by the thought, but we didn’t get very far with it. When we opened the box and realised the cost of buying all the types of wine it rather put us off, I think it’s gathering dust on a shelf now.

So it’s safe to say I know nothing about wine. I’ve got two favourites (Malbec in the winter and Gewurtztraminer in the summer… if you were wondering), but generally when I buy a bottle I make my decision based on:

a) The colour

'It's Red That's All I Know' wine tag - Papermash

and b) the label.

'But the label is so pretty' wine tag - Papermash

I wonder if the people at Papermash choose wine like this too?

If you want to deflect any questions from the host about the wine you brought to their dinner party, attach the ‘Don’t Ask Me’ or the ‘Nothing Say’s Thank You Like…’ tag to the bottle.

Wine Tags - Papermash

As they’re all £2.25 it means you can splurge on the wine.

As I need enlightening tell me, what wine do you drink?

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Keyboard Brush

The British are notoriously bad at taking our lunch breaks, according to research Spar did a couple of years ago 70% of us don’t leave our desks for lunch. That’s a LOT of crumbs.

If you’re one of those 70% you might be hankering after something more refined than tipping your keyboard upside down and banging the back of it to minimise crunchy typing. So let me introduce you to the key(board) desk brush that will help to de-crumb your working area.

Keybrush - Present & Correct

Instead of metal teeth this key has bristles to brush your desk from crumbs. It is £12.50 from Present & Correct and is made by blind and visually impaired people in a craft workshop in Berlin.

This little brush is so simple, yet so brilliant. Add it to your key chain to increase your status at work (more keys = more important, right?) or if you’re important enough already, leave in your desk drawer or hang on the wall by your desk.

Oh, and make sure you take lunch today…

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Travel Wrap

These wrapping paper designs by illustrator Debbie Powell for Lagom Design are so bright and colourful.

The Gherkin, umbrellas, tea, Big Ben, Routemaster buses and black cabs are what you’ll find on her London gift wrap.

Debbie Powell London Gift Wrap - Lagom Design

Debbie Powell Yellow Taxi Gift Wrap - Lagom Design

Apparently Debbie is based between London, New York and Southbourne which explains all the black cabs, buses and this Yellow Cab gift wrap.

My favourite is the Travel Sticker gift wrap. Perfect for wrapping presents in that you’re sending abroad or an arrivederci present to a travelling friend.

Debbie Powell Travel Stickers Gift Wrap - Lagom Design

If you can’t bear to crease and cut them for wrapping, I think they’d look great put in frames and hung on the wall as a trio. Each wrap is £4 and available from Lagom.

If you designed some travel wrapping paper what would your design look like?

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Notes On Origami

For our wedding I had the romantic notion to make an origami ‘beating’ heart for each guest’s place card. Until I made two. I realised that for almost a hundred guests it would take me hours. So I gave up and we had badges instead.

Despite giving up so easily, I still like the idea of origami presents and when I saw this Bespoke Origami Writing Set by Love Racoons Illustration it had me hankering.

Bespoke Origami Writing Set by Love Racoons Illustration

Write your note on the plain side of the origami paper and with the aid of the origami folding instructions, turn your note into a lily. The pack is available from Designers / Makers and is £6 for a set of five envelopes and origami sheets. The printed designs include foxes, wild flowers, cupcakes and hearts, swallows and stars.

How lovely it would be to open an envelope amidst all the bills and junk mail with a handmade lily note inside.

If you’re interested to see the ‘beating’ heart I was planning, here’s a nice tutorial from a guy called Rob:

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Well Wishes

After the subject of wishes yesterday I realised I left out a big wish tradition, but this Wishbone Card from Present & Correct reminded me.

I don’t know how it slipped my mind, it was such a big wish producer when I was little. My Granny would reward me with pulling the wishbone if I helped clear the plates from the table and I’m sure she knew which end to give me as I always seemed to get the wish.

Wishbone Card - Present & Correct

There is space for you and someone else to write your wishes on the back and the card is perforated so it can be split down the middle. Even better than a real wishbone it seems both of you get your wishes – result!

This card could be used for loads of events – good luck card, birth of a baby. But I think my favourite would be as an alternative to a wedding wishing tree or guest book, collect up well wishes from all your guests on these wishbone cards instead.

What would you use them for?

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Raise It Up

I like embossed items (I’m still hankering after that embossed cherry purse I showed you recently), but embossed card has a particularly luxurious feel to it and the raised design begs to be stroked. These square hand embossed cards by Lino King Cards are wonderfully luxurious but are a snip at £1.50 each.

They are brightly coloured on the outside with a serene grey inner and come with a contrasting envelope.

You could choose the cream or mustard yellow floral design:

Hand Embossed Coloured Cards, Floral Set - Lino King Cards

The green or grey pattern design:

Hand Embossed Coloured Cards, Pattern Set - Lino King Cards

Purple, blue or brown circle design:

Hand Embossed Coloured Cards, Circle Set - Lino King Cards

Or bright yellow, red or turquoise flower design:

Hand Embossed Coloured Cards, Flower Set - Lino King Cards

Can’t choose? Then buy all ten designs for £13.50, which is what I’m going to do. I hope I can keep the stroking to a minimum so they’re not all grubby by the time I send them to people. If I can’t bear to part with them I may group three or four together in a frame as a bit of inexpensive art.

Have you seen any nice embossed things recently?

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Splendid Stamps from Yellow Owl Workshop

I’ve written about the LCD card from Yellow Owl Workshop before but I had to mention their stamps. There are some nice scenic stamp sets which would be great for kids but there’s lots of grown-up stamps too, I’m particularly hankering after the ones in their stamp activity kits section.

Make sure you take all the credit for your culinary creations and label your food gifts with this lovely red ‘From the kitchen of…’ stamp set.

From the kitchen of stamp kit - Yellow Owl Workshop

If you like to share a good book but also like to get them back, stamp your books with this bright green stamp. That owl will give any greedy book borrowers a stern look.

Book plate stamp kit - Yellow Owl Workshop

Or stamp your own place cards, gift tags or noughts and crosses game. These are all $19.50 and include a natural rubber stamp mounted on a maple block, ink pad and coordinating coloured pencil. I may have to explain the mix-tape gift tag to my younger gift recipients but I’m really hankering after this one.

Mixtape stamp kit - Yellow Owl Workshop

Yellow Owl also have some cute place stamp sets. London features stamps of Big Ben and a double-decker bus, and just look at the Paris one below with the Eiffel Tower and café table and chairs. There are also sets for New York, San Francisco and Italy.

Paris stamp set = Yellow Owl Workshop

If you want to have a go at carving your own stamp Yellow Owl Workshop sell a kit to help you do just that. It comes with a Print Workshop book autographed by the author Christine Schmidt, a lino cutter and blade set, rubber block to carve your stamp from and an array of envelopes, cards and gift tags for you to show off your stamp creations. If you’re not confident carving freehand there are some templates included to help you. All this for $40 which I think is pretty good.

Carve a stamp kit - Yellow Owl Workshop

What stamp would you create?

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