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A Fervour for Fonts

I’ve just got around to reading ‘Just My Type’ by Simon Garfield, a great book about fonts that was given to me for Christmas. It’s a really interesting look at the language, history and use of fonts and how they influence us. Great stories and facts fill this book, such as that Steve Jobs studied calligraphy at college and how this influenced Apple’s products.

'Just My Type' Simon Garfield

You could lose hours gazing at these intricate typographic illustrations of London by Vic Lee; available in West, East, South and North each word is made up of and surrounded by themes from that area. Although my heart really lies in the south and west of London, East London is definitely my favourite of these.

East London by Vik Lee

This Modern Wooden Alphabet Necklace by Little Red Lantern makes me imagine letters dropping from the wearer’s words and collecting round her neck.

Modern Wooden Alphabet Necklace - Little Red Lantern

I’ll leave you with this beautiful video ‘Refraction – The Alphabet’ by Jesse Zanzinger.

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Ice, Ice Baby

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to spend a couple of nights at the Burgh Island Hotel during our honeymoon courtesy of our friends and family. It was stunningly beautiful.

While we were there my new husband fell in love again… with this champagne ice bucket.

Champagne Bucket at Burgh Island Hotel

I couldn’t be jealous, it is beautiful. The curvy shape reminds me of an old fashioned pram. I think it was designed by Eric Berthes and probably not in production anymore. There is a similar-shaped more modern looking one to hanker after with an equally stunning price.

Nick Munro’s Octagon Ice Bucket designed for John Lewis is more affordable and you could add to your collection over time with some of the matching barware. It would be a fitting present for Mr H as we have a history of giving each other octagonal gifts.

Nick Munro Octagon Champagne Bucket

Mr H really likes top hats. I wonder if he would like a Top Hat Ice Bucket from Graham and Green. Or perhaps this Eros Champagne Cooler designed for Magppie that looks like it’s beautifully melting into the counter.

Magppie Eros Ice Bucket

A bit pricier and more traditional is the Champagne Bath by Whisk Hampers. It has leather handles, is silver plated and look how many bottles it can hold! Although what I really like about this is its dimples.

Champagne bath Whisk Hamper

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Hear the Birdy!

Smoke alarms are such a necessity but why are they so ugly? That is, until now.

Please enter the Chick-A-Dee Smoke Alarm.

Chick A Dee Smoke Alarm

This lovely chick conforms to current European Union smoke alarm regulations and is available in pink, blue or white. When she detects smoke she emits an 85db song reminiscent of the American Black-Capped Chickadee and has all the usual features such as a blinking control light, test button and an alarm when her battery is running out.

She isn’t cheep (sorry, I couldn’t resist!); Dutch by Design sell her for £42.50 which is nearly nine times more expensive than a traditional smoke alarm. But if you wanted her in white only, Firebox sell her for almost a tenner cheaper.

Because of the price it probably wouldn’t be practical to replace all your smoke alarms with the Chick-A-Dee, but maybe one or two for particularly visible areas. I think she may have found a new home in our birdy hallway.

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Today I have been hankering after clouds.

Not the dark stormy kind that loom ominously threatening to leak, but white fluffy ones set against a blue sky that conjure up images of summer – well an English summer anyway.

Which brings me to the English Summer necklace from Mixko’s Etsy shop. The fluffy felt cloud looks like the perfect thing to fiddle with whilst thinking/daydreaming/ hankering and the raindrops of varying length are just the right raindrop-blue. It’s a great price at just under £20 and Mixko donate 20% of their profits to the victims of the quake in Japan.

I love the way they’ve photographed this with the sun on it.

Mixko - English Summer Necklace

Would it be too much to wear it with one of these ‘Oh Happy Day / Oh Crappy Day’ rings? These are from Etsy shop Weaselfactory.

Oh Happy Day / Oh Happy Day Ring Set
Despite being sterling silver the ‘Dreamy Man Flying Through The Clouds’ range by Jesa Jewellery still manage to look fluffy. The dreamy man and birds flying through them have been cut so intricately and each cloud has its own water message inscribed. I wonder if the dreamy man is inspired by Colonel William Rankin the only known person to survive falling through a cumulonimbus cloud.
Dreamy Man Flying Through The Clouds Brooch

This Rainbow Cloud print from Dig the Earth is so colourful and retro. Imagine how soon the clouds would be chased away if you woke up to this on your bedroom wall. Is it just me or does this bring to mind Rainbow Brite?

Rainbow Cloud A3 Giclee Print
I think grey interiors are wonderful (my bedroom in my last home was painted grey) and this cloud cushion is also wonderful in its grey simplicity. It’s a surprising £17 and even with the shipping costs from Australia it’s still good value. Alphabet Monkey make cushions and crib quilts for little boys and it also comes as part of a set with the gorgeous crib quilt in the picture.
Animal Monkey - Cloud Cushion & Quilt
Today’s post was inspired by my cloudy view.
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