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Display Space

I’ve written about bell jars before, our one got smashed recently so I was on the look out for another and found these unusual display cases from I Love Retro. They are a bit more unusual, I’ve only really seen them in shops, but I would love one at home.

Have you got a special book that you could display in this low display cabinet, open at your favourite page perhaps? Jewellery would look wonderful too and would mean you can easily see all your collection without it gathering dust. This is £99.

I Love Retro - Display Cabinet Low

This rectangular cabinet could hold something quite large and there’s also a square one. Both are £119.

I Love Retro - Display Cabinet Rectangular

Or make your own snow globe with this more unusual round bell jar, it is also available with a dark base. The small one is £29 and the large £39.

I Love Retro - Large Round Glass Bell Jar White

I’m going to re-home some wedding nick knacks in one, what would you display in yours?

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Beautiful Bell Jars

Following on from my last post on the book ‘The Bell Jar’ I move onto my next hanker, actual bell jars. Or, as I’ve nothing I need to keep in a vacuum, decorative bell jars.

For our wedding table centrepieces I had the idea to name each table the traditional anniversary materials and put a little something made of that material within a bell jar.

Table one was going to be a paper rose, table two a wooden heart, table three – well you get the picture. This was a great idea until I added the cost up and factored in setting it up in the morning and packing it all away at the end of the evening.

In the end we went with dahlias within upturned bowl vases that we could hire from the florist.

Our Wedding Table Centrepieces

They were nice, but in hindsight I wish we’d gone with our original idea and saved the money elsewhere.

So now I’m looking for a bell jar to display some little reminders of our wedding in. This one from Cox & Cox is one of the more reasonably priced ones that I’ve seen.

Cox & Cox Bell Jar

The bell jars at Brighton Pod are also reasonably priced and include a base.

Brighton Pod Bell Jar

I really like this one with the mirrored base by I Love Retro.

Bell Jar with Mirrored Base - I Love Retro

What would you put in your bell jar?

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