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Junk Bear

Today I came across Junk Bear and his ‘junkdar’ and I’m so glad I did.

Not only was my mood brightened by the Jaffa juicer‘s description (designed to be sung to ‘I Like To Move It’), but I found these beautiful and sexy 1950s French glass mugs.

French Blue Cups - Junk Bear

Aren’t they gorgeous? The set of six is just £15.

There’s a whole section of old cameras for you to choose from including a Super 8 camera and a camera with bellows. A portable record player for vinyl lovers, plus a toys and games section. I’ve never seen a Cress Board before, but I’m hankering after one now and thinking of all the messages I could leave on it.

Cressboard-Junk Bear

Junk Bear is full of wonderfully quirky pieces but to be honest I’m not sure which you’ll like best, the items for sale or the descriptions of Junk Bear dating flapper girls and wrestling crocodiles. I think regular visits will be needed to keep my mood lifted.

Now the song is in all our heads, let’s just go with it. All together now, “Physi-cally fit, physi-cally fit…”

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Picture Perfect Necklaces

Iluxo have used cameras as the inspiration for these cute necklaces, the tops slide off but instead of film inside they are hollow so you can use them as lockets to store a little photo or object. Made from unvarnished bamboo the designs have been etched and cut using a laser.

I’m really hankering after this Polaroid SX-70 inspired camera necklace.

Polaroid Camera Necklace Locket - Iluxo

This Leica M3 Camera Locket Necklace is so detailed.

Leica M3 Camera Locket Necklace - Iluxo

Or maybe you prefer this Rolleiflex Camera Locket Necklace?

Rolleiflex Camera Locket Necklace - Iluxo

All come with a gold or silver-plated necklace for $35 and delivery from San Francisco to the UK is a little under £4.

What would you put in it?

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Super 8 Success

I was super excited to give my husband his Valentine’s gift yesterday.

At our wedding some friends, as a surprise, arrived with their Super 8 camera and took some fantastic footage of the day which they gave us as a wedding present afterwards. It was such a thoughtful gift and seeing it played back a few months later got me a little emotional. We really treasure it.

But even before we saw any footage my husband was really impressed and kept talking about how cool the camera was, so as soon as I saw this Halina Super 8 Camera on Three Jelly Moulds & a Wardrobe I knew I couldn’t let it get away.

Halina Super-8 Camera - Three Jelly Moulds & a Wardrobe

It was £25 which I thought was really reasonable, I just need to find some cartridges for it now so we can take some family footage à la The Wonder Years.

Three Jelly Moulds & a Wardrobe is a new online vintage shop which has some lovely and unusual pieces from 1960s tights to Art Deco spoons to cameras and even an Amstrad cassette. I almost bought this glass rabbit jelly mould and I keep looking back at it but I have a plastic version from the 70s and, as I make jelly all of twice a year, I don’t think I need another one. Although it would go nicely with the other rabbits/hares in my kitchen.

The camera is exactly as described on the website and arrived beautifully wrapped with a bow round it and with a vintage postcard attached. As my husband spent most of last night looking up all things Super 8 on the internet I think it’s safe to say that he loved it.

Does anyone know where I can get some cassettes for it?

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