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Buckets of Fun

After a week of rain the sun has come out where I live, I’m not complaining as we needed the rain and it’s made everything lovely and green again, but the arrival of the sun has me hankering for some outdoor fun. Sophie Conran’s range of five buckets might help with that.

The Games Bucket has everything you need for some traditional fun in the park or garden. Like the egg and spoon race, the three-legged race, a frisbee and bean bags to throw into the bucket, Not forgetting a whistle for the person who likes to play referee.

Sophie Conran - Games Bucket

Make your own lemonade or cordial with the Drink Bucket. It has a recipe booklet and there’s a muslin square to strain any bits from your cordial before you decant it into one of the four glass bottles using the silicon funnel. Then just fill the bucket with ice to keep your creations cool and drink them through the lovely red and white straws. I like the sunny yellow of this kit.

Sophie Conran - Drink Bucket

The Camp Bucket has a cosy blanket to wrap around you in front of the camp fire, some matches to help you get it going in the first place and the bucket doubles as a container for water or sand so you can safely put the fire out before bedtime. Shine the dynamo torch under your face when you’re telling ghost stories or use it for those dark trips to the loo in the night. Also included is a multi-tool with eleven tools for those little emergencies and don’t forget to pack some marshmallows to put on the end of the toasting fork.

Sophie Conran - Camp Bucket

The Party Bucket is actually an ice bucket that has everything inside it to create a party atmosphere including tea lights and lanterns, bunting, paper plates, napkins and a party sign. It’s a shame the plates aren’t plastic so you can reuse them though.  Sophie Conran - Party Bucket

The Eat Bucket is a portable barbecue, yes it’s a bit more expensive than the ones you can get in the petrol stations but this one won’t burn through the bottom like they will. And this one comes with tongs.

Sophie Conran - Eat Bucket

They normally retail at around £30 but Papillon have them on discount at the moment for £17.95 each except for the Eat Bucket which is £18.95.

I’m torn between games and drinks, which would you get?

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