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Cardboard Chic

Cardboard is usually reserved for packing, carrying and storing. It is the workhorse of household materials that never really gets appreciated. Not these cardboard creations. They are the celebrities of the cardboard world that have been transformed from merely functional into beautiful as well.

This cardboard pendulum wall clock is stunning with its laser-cut curves and the brass hands and acrylic numbers add some extra class. It is $46 which is great value and even including the high postage outside of the US, it’s a lot less than many inferior clocks. As well as clocks Seequin also do some pretty cardboard chandeliers.

Cardboard Pendulum Wall Clock - Seequin

I love the simplicity of this cardboard radio from Suck UK. If you get bored with the radio playlists you can play your iPod or MP3 player through it too. It can be powered with batteries or a DC adaptor so you can take it out and about with you, eighties style. It’s £25.

Cardboard Radio - Suck UKNeed an ad hoc chair that you can fold away in between uses? Look no further than this cardboard chair from Paperpod Cardboard Creations. At just under £35 you could get a couple. I love the idea of decorating it, you could use it as a kind of furniture guest book and get a written message from everyone who sits on it. There are toddler versions too.

Cardboard Chair - Paperpod Cardboard CreationsThese cardboard shoes made from old Quaver boxes with parcel string laces are magnificent. Even if they’re not wearable they look amazing. Mark O’Brien will do custom orders too so if you want a particular style of shoe in a certain brand box he may be your man. The ones below are just under £40.

Cardboard Smart Shoes (quavers) - MarkofBrien

The people over at Kid Eco, have some fun playhouses for kids made of cardboard that can be decorated and painted. Choose from a playhouse, puppet theatre, teepee, rocket, castles, fortress, princess castles or my favourite, the igloo.

What do you think? Has cardboard got a little jumped up or is it the new eco chic?

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Valentine’s Day Vases

Are you straining under the weight of all the flowers you’ve received today? Not sure where you’ll put them all when you get home? Fear not, here are some vases for your perusal.

The Le Sack Vase available from Made In Design allows you to create the shape of the vase. Simply put in warm water to soften the PVC and shape the vase, when you’re happy with it put under the cold tap to freeze the shape. Repeat until you get bored. It’s available in quite a few colours and is £9.10.

Le Sack Vase - Made In DesignI really like the shape of this cardboard vase, it is has a smaller glass insert so you can use it with real flowers without fear of getting the cardboard soggy.

Urban Analog - Cardboard Design Vase

I spent most of yesterday making friends with a hot water bottle so perhaps it’s no surprise that I like this porcelain wall-hung vase by Silicium that is masquerading as a hot water bottle. This goes back to my love of things that aren’t quite what they first appear.

Hot Water Bottle Vase - SiliciumOn

Filled with flowers this Dog Vase would force a smile out of the most hardened Valentine’s Day cynic. From Australian company Raw Space.

Dog Vase - Raw Space

Continuing the animal theme with the crème de la crème of vases, turn these horse head vases by Jaime Hayon into unicorns by adding flowers. Available in black or white for £925 or 24K gold for £1480 from Vessel.

Horse Head Vase - Bosa

If you’re hankering after the unicorns but don’t have a grand to spend, there’s a similar (but not as stunning) unicorn vase from Raw Space that’s a bit more affordable.

I was going to include this baby head vase but wasn’t sure…

Baby Head Vase by Mud Puppy

What do you think? Nice or nasty?

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