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Beastly Hooks & Handles

I know I’ve already shown you some animal heads this week but I think these animal coat hooks/door knobs are adorable. I’m hankering after some buffalo heads to use as handles on my beloved kitchen queen (when I finally get round to repainting it), but I’m not sure if they’ll be too big at 10cm x 8cm. They would go with my stampeding cow wallpaper beautifully.

Zoo Dear Animals Coat Hooks/Knobs, White Buffalo - Rockett St George

Not got cows on your walls? Then what about deer, ducks, horses or pigs?

Zoo Animal Coat Hooks/Knobs - Rockett St George

I’m also considering getting a couple of rabbit heads to hang my tea towels on in my rabbit obsessed kitchen.

Zoo Dear Animals Coat Hooks/Knobs,White Rabbit - Rockett St George

There is so much character in their little polystyrene and metal heads that really I’m hankering after them all, they’re £10.95 each from Rockett St George. Which is your favourite?

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Coat attack!

Now winter is well and truly here, coats have been reproducing on our newel post to the extent that when we go up or down the stairs we have a choice. Either turn sideways against the wall and squeeze past the mass of coats or knock them all on the floor. Of course any teenagers in the house knock them on the floor without thinking… and leave them there. Not annoying at all.

A near miss this morning involving an armful of washing, two cats and a jumble of coats on the floor got me online looking at coat stands.

The first one I’m hankering after is of course way out of my budget at nearly a thousand AU dollars, and in Australia. The Stoby Pole designed by David Potts was inspired by stencil graffiti.

How about making your own more affordable 2D version of the above with this Power Pole wall sticker from Rockett St. George and some black hooks? At almost a tenth of the cost you might be left with something to pay your power bills with.

Power Pole Wallsticker -Rockett St George

The genius of this ceiling-hung Wardrope Coat Rack by Authentics is its simplicity, you can move the hooks to the height you want and the weight of the coat fixes them in position. Perfect if you’re short on space.

Wardrope Coat Rack - Authentics

If you’ve already got coat hooks and just have too many coats, quadruple the capacity of your existing coat hooks by adding this leather ball Coat Stand by Eno. I bet these smell nice too…

Coat Stand by Eno

This Tree Coat Stand from The Holding Company looks so smooth and strokeable and has plenty of capacity, but will also stand around looking pretty when it’s got nothing to do.

Tree Coat Stand - The Holding Company

For a classic bentwood coat stand the HND Cafe Coat Stand has been brought up to date in red, white or black and there’s even space for an umbrella or two.

HND Cafe Coat Stand - John Lewis

Which do you like best? Have you got any coat stand recommendations?

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