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Hopeful Doves

This morning I’ll bet there were more than a few people relieved that January is out of the way. It doesn’t usually, but this year January got to me.

But it is February today and I have high hopes for this month. So high that I may need some help from some hopeful doves.

A dove necklace but not like any other, the Paloma: Dove Hand Shadow Puppet Necklace is really different and will have you trying to remember shadow puppet shapes from childhood memories. This sweet shadow puppet website might jog your memory (I particularly like Grandpapa and Boy – I thought it was only animals that could be made! Anyway I digress…). This necklace in either finish is £50 from Bouf.

Paloma: Dove Hand Shadow Puppet Necklace - Bouf

I bet the black doves (not ravens!) on this acrylic ring by The Mesh would cast a good shadow too. Gorgeous and even including shipping costs from Portugal you will be left with change from a tenner.

These Are Not Ravens, Are BLACK DOVES ring - The Mesh

The Dinky Dove is a new greeting card seller on Etsy, she makes cards from her nest in Surrey. The cards are deliciously simple in their designs, I love this ‘Dove Flying to Heart’ card. All the cards are £2 plus postage.

Dove Flying to Heart Card by The Dinky Dove

I wonder if The Dinky Dove’s nest looks like this ‘Ménage A Trois’ Boutique Hotel for Birds by Doveshed?

'Ménage A Trois' Boutique Hotel for Birds by Doveshed

You can choose your choice of Farrow and Ball paint and with the optional copper tropical love birds and monogrammed lead heart this could be a beautiful wedding or anniversary gift. This three-bedroom version is £109 and the six-bedroom ‘Le Petit Chateau’ is £129.

Our cats would get very fat very quickly if we put this in our garden so, unluckily for our cats, I may instead opt for the wine rack or cupboard that Doveshed do in similar designs.

Here’s hoping to a fantastic February!

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Slush-Free Valentine Cards

I’m the kind of person who when given a teddy holding a ‘I love you’ heart never phones the person who gave it to me again. I don’t really like slushy stuff, especially if it’s in the shape of a Disney character and it’s from Clinton Cards. The same goes for Valentine cards, now don’t get me wrong, I like to get something but I hanker more for a note from the heart scrawled on the back of an envelope than a gigantic card from a petrol station. Although one of these cards would make me happy.

The aptly named Valentine Card by Spare at £1.75.

Valentine Card - Spare

Valentine Pylon card by GX2 Homegrown with message ‘I heart your electricity’ at £2.

Valentine Pylon Card GX2 Homegrown

Electric Fan hand stitched card that can be personalised, they suggest ‘#1 Fan’ or ‘You’re So Cool’… or what about ‘You Blow Me Away’? £4.31

Electric Fan card - Leobella Boutique

AND WHAT I Love You Every Other Day card by Do It Momma at £3.50. My husband’s sentiments about Valentine’s Day. In fact, a lot of people’s.

AND WHAT I Love You Every Day card - Do It Momma

I think my favourite, and not strictly a Valentine card, is Yellow Owl Workshop’s LCD ‘Write Your Own Message’ card which leaves you to fill in the debossed LCD template to form your own message from the heart. For the stalker shy admirer this has the advantage of spilling your heart without the receiver recognising your handwriting.

Yellow Owl Workshop LCD card

Maybe I like a bit of slush after all.

Are you a hopeless romantic or a hardened cynic on Valentine’s Day?

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