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Folded Heart Book Decorations

When I came across these book decorations, I thought ‘how clever’ followed by ‘they hurt a book!’ but then I read that they don’t cut the pages they fold them down, which makes it even more clever.

Folded Heart Book Decoration by Stuff by Losy Posy

There are three versions each at £25, a children’s book, a romantic novel and another version with more manly titles. Each version has a choice of two titles with corresponding coloured ribbon.

Children's Book Folded Heart Book Decoration by Stuff By Losy Posy

I think the Water Babies one would be lovely for a christening or first birthday, they also include the original dust jacket which would be nice to frame separately. The other versions could make nice wedding or mothers/fathers day presents.

What do you think, pretty decoration or grievous book harm?

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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeves

I’m really going to town with the Valentine’s Day posts aren’t I? I think this one is my fourth. After tomorrow I’ll stop, I promise.

But in the meantime let me show you this jumper with heart elbow patches by ASOS.

Jumper with heart elbow patch - ASOS

I like the black version with the brown elbow patches as it’s quite subtle and you may not notice that they’re hearts straight away. It’s pure cotton and £35.

Jumper with heart elbow patch - ASOS

The cream version with the pink elbow patches I think is a little too much. Although I just had another look and it could grow on me. What do you think?

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