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Keyboard Brush

The British are notoriously bad at taking our lunch breaks, according to research Spar did a couple of years ago 70% of us don’t leave our desks for lunch. That’s a LOT of crumbs.

If you’re one of those 70% you might be hankering after something more refined than tipping your keyboard upside down and banging the back of it to minimise crunchy typing. So let me introduce you to the key(board) desk brush that will help to de-crumb your working area.

Keybrush - Present & Correct

Instead of metal teeth this key has bristles to brush your desk from crumbs. It is £12.50 from Present & Correct and is made by blind and visually impaired people in a craft workshop in Berlin.

This little brush is so simple, yet so brilliant. Add it to your key chain to increase your status at work (more keys = more important, right?) or if you’re important enough already, leave in your desk drawer or hang on the wall by your desk.

Oh, and make sure you take lunch today…

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