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Pleat Surrender v.2

A few months ago I wrote about the skirt that converted me to pleats. Alas, when I went back to buy it for a wedding I was going to, it had GONE and NO MORE were coming back in stock. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

But last week when I walked into Ted Baker there was a dark green version hanging in front of me. It may have winked at me and lifted its hem a little…

Pleated Maxi Skirt GALVA - Ted Baker

Well that was all the encouragement I needed. Sold to the over-excited woman!

I’ll say it again, it’s not cheap at £139 but it is beautiful. A little tip though, walking upstairs in it while carrying a large box with both hands will not end well…

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Swallows & Bees

I have some long-held hankerings about wallpaper. I’ve told you about my Florence Broadhurst wallpaper hankering which is yet to be realised. Here are another two designs I first saw about seven years ago and am still hankering after.

‘Swallows’ has circles of a repeat design of falling leaves which become birds and then become swallows as they reach the edge of the circle. I’m still torn between the black on white and the red on white versions but it also comes in the more subtle lacquer on blue and lacquer on cream. I love the chaotic feeling of this design but have just never had the right place to put it.

Swallows Red from Places and Spaces

‘Bees’ is a similar design with honeycomb in the centre of the circle which turns into bees and butterflies, a more orderly and feminine design which comes in aqua on mole, mole on aqua or my favourite black on pink. I saw the black on pink version in the ladies toilets of a pub in Battersea call The Duchess, they had decorated with gloss black bevelled-edge metro tiles and Venetian mirrors and it looked fantastic. In the flesh this one has a hand-stamped feel to it.

Bees Wallpaper from Places & Spaces

Both wallpapers were exclusively designed for Places and Spaces by Absolute Zero Degrees, are £60 per roll and available from Places and Spaces online or at their shop in Clapham, London.

Which would you choose?

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