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Valentine’s Day Presents

Are you celebrating Valentine’s day next week?

You could start the day using a heart-shaped frying pan to make fried eggs or pancakes for the love of your life.

Heart Shaped Frying Pan - The Heart Store

Tell your love why you love them every day by changing the message on this personalised framed print.

Framed Personalised Changeable Message Print - Little Bird Designs

These Love Letter Cookies are so sweet and although it might be a bit late for shipping from the US to here in the UK you could try making your own version.

Love Letter Cookies - BB Sweets

Rob Ryan would make my Valentine’s day complete and this beautiful All Of The Thoughts print is available in three versions (man/man, woman/woman or man/woman) for whoever floats your boat.

All Of The Thoughts - Rob RyanThis is very much my attitude to love – say you love me and you will hear every random thought in my head and is the cause of many of my husband’s sighs.

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