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Wipe Your Mouth

For me, napkins make dining feel a bit more special. The process of smoothing the linen over your lap, or better still tucking it into your collar, helps to whet the appetite and prepares the subconscious for the freedom to dine with abandon and without a second thought to ruining your clothes. Got food all round your mouth? No matter, you can delicately wipe it off with your napkin without looking like a glutton.

Saying that, my Dad and step-mum are the only people I know who actually use napkins every day at their dining table (kitchen roll doesn’t count people!). After eating at their house recently I thought it would be nice to get some napkins at home. Here are some of the ones I’m hankering after.

Subtly remind guests of their table manners by giving them Polite Napkins to use, you can always resort to holding one up if you notice any elbows on the table. By Imogen Luddy they are available in grey or green at £10 each or £35 for a set of four of one design.

Polite Napkins - Imogen Luddy, Bouf

I really like these beetle napkins by Warbeck & Cox but maybe not for the squeamish? Available in green or black at £20 for a set of four. The same design is available in all sorts of other products too.

Beetle Napkins - Warbeck & Cox

Personalise your napkins for all your regular guests. The generic ‘guest’ and ‘the girlfriend’ will mean you won’t have to update them every time your tastes change. By Jonny’s Sister, they are £9 each or £30 for a set of four.

Personalised Napkins by Jonny's Sister

I’ve not seen anything similar to these lovely Another Rainy Day napkins and an extra bonus is they’re dark and are less likely to show any stubborn stains. Made in Ireland by Handmade By Me, who also do custom designs if you know what you want your napkin to look like but just can’t find it anywhere.

Another rainy day napkins by Handmade By Me

Do you think fabric napkins are too muh faff to wash and iron or do you enjoy the luxury of using one?

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