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Valentine’s Day Presents

Are you celebrating Valentine’s day next week?

You could start the day using a heart-shaped frying pan to make fried eggs or pancakes for the love of your life.

Heart Shaped Frying Pan - The Heart Store

Tell your love why you love them every day by changing the message on this personalised framed print.

Framed Personalised Changeable Message Print - Little Bird Designs

These Love Letter Cookies are so sweet and although it might be a bit late for shipping from the US to here in the UK you could try making your own version.

Love Letter Cookies - BB Sweets

Rob Ryan would make my Valentine’s day complete and this beautiful All Of The Thoughts print is available in three versions (man/man, woman/woman or man/woman) for whoever floats your boat.

All Of The Thoughts - Rob RyanThis is very much my attitude to love – say you love me and you will hear every random thought in my head and is the cause of many of my husband’s sighs.

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Framing Prints the ‘Eze’ Way

Getting a print you’ve been hankering after is awesome but I often leave it rolled up languishing for months while I find a frame that’s the right size or design or whilst I save up to get it professionally framed. Too mean to pay a professional and not able to find exactly what I wanted in the shops I turned to EzeFrame.

I generally avoid companies with incorrectly spelled names, even as a child ‘Toys R Us’ annoyed the hell out of me and with a backwards R! How is a child meant to learn to spell with that kind of influence?? Anyhow… it turns out EzeFrame are very good at what they do. They have a wide range of frames, mounts and glass and if your picture isn’t a standard size you can enter the dimensions on their website and they’ll custom make you a frame and mount. You can even upload an image of your picture to see how it will look in the frame before you buy it.

Their prices are really reasonable, I’ve just ordered a frame and mount for an A3 size print for a little over £13. The quality is good, it’s not quite as high as frames I’ve had done by a more expensive professional framer but once it’s on the wall the difference is unnoticeable, to me at least.

Here is the frame I chose for my ‘Running Hare’ print by Jon Tremaine, this snapshot really doesn’t do justice to his talent, his intricate drawings are amazing – go and look at them…

Running Hare by Jon TremaineBelieve in Goodness by Rob Ryan

…and my treasured ‘Believe in Goodness’ print by Rob Ryan.

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