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Clever Shelves

It seems I’m always on the hunt for a bookshelf of some description. I don’t like boring shelves, I want something clever and unusual.

This clever leather book shelf fits the bill beautifully and would be great for awkward spaces where you don’t really have enough wall space for a full set of shelves. The two tiers of leather straps can hold books or bottles. I’m thinking of hanging a couple as bedside tables for the books I’ve got piling up by my bed or to hold my recipe books or wine in the kitchen. It’s £89 from Rockett St George.


Clever Leather Book Shelf - Rockett St George

Also big on cleverness is this industrial style shelving unit that turns into a table. The wooden shelves can be used straight or angled and they fold out flat to form a table top. Available as a cream side table at £375 or a black dining table at £700 from Rockett St George.

Industrial Small Cream Shelving Unit Side Table - Rockett St GeorgeI don’t know whether you’d end up using it more in its table form than its shelf form, but it would be great to clear a room by folding the table up against the wall as shelves. Do you like multi-use furniture or do you think it’s better to get two different items?

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Suitcase Shelves

I was online looking for shelves and I stumbled across these beautiful vintage suitcase shelves by Quirks By Annie. I think they’re awesome.

Vintage Suitacase Shelves by Quirks by Annie

They are $100 which I think is quite reasonable but unfortunately for me they are all the way in California. Shipping to the UK is £35 and if a customs charge is applicable it could get expensive. I’m not that handy but I’m hankering after them, I wonder how hard it could be to make some?

If you’re wondering too, there’s quite a few tutorials online but I thought this one looked the most easy to follow.

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Bookshelf Comb

We’ve lived in our house for two years and all our books from our old houses are still in boxes in the loft. A crime I know, I’m a librarian’s daughter for goodness sake…

I miss them, we’ve got some new books that we’ve read but I’m hankering after the familiar titles and that comforting old book smell. Since we finished de-uglying the house from a 1970s pub style we’ve been looking for the right bookcase to put them in.

I think I may have found it.

Jaanus Orgusaar - Comb

Jaanus Orgusaar’s Comb is £390 for the bookcase size and £210 for the small version and are available in white, black and light brown from Bouf. There is also an in-between size on his website. I love the way it curves out from the wall like an eye. Obviously it won’t hold as many books as square or rectangular shelves but I can live with that because of its design, and it also means you could get creative with how you stack the books.

Jaanus Orgusaar - Comb in white

It’s flat-packed which adds to my excitement, I appreciate not everyone will feel the same, but imagine the smug feeling after you put that together correctly.

What do you think of it?

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