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Wrapped Up in Typography

I came across this quote from typographer and designer Helmut Schmid,

“Typography needs to be audible. Typography needs to be felt. Typography needs to be experienced.”

I would like to add that typography needs to be worn.

Particularly in the form of these lasercut microfibre suede scarves. Wrap yourself up in this Lowercase scarf.

Lowercase Scarf - The Literary Gift Company

If you regularly overuse the ‘Caps Lock’ key you may prefer the Uppercase version, both come in black or white.

Uppercase scarf - The Literary Gift Company

Can’t decide between black or white? The Helvetica scarf combines the two.

Helvetica Long Black and White Scarf - The Literary Gift Company

I love these, I’d spend ages looking at the letters and seeing if I could spot any words in there. Scarf wordsearch – you’ll never be bored on public transport again.

They are available from The Literary Gift Company for £48, the Helvetica version is 40cm longer and is £54.

There are also coasters in the same design.

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Studio Nommo

Whilst I was searching for wallpaper last week I stumbled upon Studio Nommo. They are a Turkish wallpaper company with some really beautiful designs across three wallpaper options.

Choose from their Pattern Collection which are hand-drawn by illustrators from around the world, my favourites are Sedat Girgin’s Typewriters (wouldn’t this be great in a home office?) and Ashley Alexander’s Foxy.

Typewriters by Sedat Girgin - Studio Nommo

Foxy - Ashley Alexander - Studio Nommo

Alternatively, choose a design from their Bespoke Collection and have it made to fit your wall at €65 per m2. My love of typography made me choose this Letters design.

Letters - Studio Nommo

I like the simplicity of This For Bees and the slightly clashy colours.

This For Bees - Studio Nommo

If you just can’t find the wallpaper that you have in your head then Make Your Own with Studio Nommo’s third option.

What would you put on your self-designed wallpaper?

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Sexed Up Scrabble

One of my fondest memories of our honeymoon is being in the Beach House at the Burgh Island Hotel looking out to sea through the steamy windows, with the wood burner warming us whilst rain patters rhythmically on the roof above, as we drink Champagne and…

The Beach House at Burgh Island

…play Scrabble all afternoon. What did you think I was going to say?? Agatha Christie wrote ‘And Then There Were None’ and ‘Evil Under the Sun’ in the Beach House so it seemed fitting to be doing something word-related.

Since then we play Scrabble a lot. Apart from the romantic memories, it’s practically the only game I can occasionally beat my husband at. We play it while we watch telly or if we’re feeling really competitive, in studious silence across the dining table. When we travel by train we’ll play it on my iPhone. Be warned, if you come to dinner you’ll probably be bullied into playing it before I let you leave.

Winning Solutions may have exacerbated the situation. They have expertly combined my love of Scrabble with my love of typography and created the Scrabble Typography Edition.

Scrabble Typography Edition - Winning Solutions

The magnetised walnut board separates into six pieces and slots beautifully into its walnut storage case and its birch cover slides over the top. Gone are the gaudy double and triple word score icons with simple numbers in their place.

Scrabble Typography Edition - Winning Solutions

The walnut letters wait on metal tile racks showing off their fonts making Scrabble not only about how high you can score, but also how beautiful the board can look. It’s a limited edition of 1200 sets and sold at $199, it’s available in August but you can pre-order now.

Do you prefer this or the traditional Scrabble board?

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But How Are You Doing?

We all know people who love talking about themselves so much they hardly stop for breath. They may pause at some point and ask “But how are you doing?” but this is more due to social norms than their desire to know the answer. They half-listen to your reply with glazed eyes whilst making a mental list of what else they wanted to tell you.

In my experience people who do this usually fall into two categories. The hyperactive, fast talking type that just has too much excitement bubbling away inside that they flit from one OMG subject to another. Or the perennially depressed type that talks round and round the same subject never to make a decision.

Lene Bladbjerg has captured this perfectly in her hand pulled Me Me Me print.

ME ME ME Limited edition handpulled screenprint - LeneBladbjerg

Heck, at various points in our lives we’ve all probably been that person too.

So let’s listen quietly and when it gets too much, give them this print as a not-so-subtle hint. It’s £58.90 and a limited edition of 100.

How do you respond to people like this, smile sweetly or shout over them?

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A Fervour for Fonts

I’ve just got around to reading ‘Just My Type’ by Simon Garfield, a great book about fonts that was given to me for Christmas. It’s a really interesting look at the language, history and use of fonts and how they influence us. Great stories and facts fill this book, such as that Steve Jobs studied calligraphy at college and how this influenced Apple’s products.

'Just My Type' Simon Garfield

You could lose hours gazing at these intricate typographic illustrations of London by Vic Lee; available in West, East, South and North each word is made up of and surrounded by themes from that area. Although my heart really lies in the south and west of London, East London is definitely my favourite of these.

East London by Vik Lee

This Modern Wooden Alphabet Necklace by Little Red Lantern makes me imagine letters dropping from the wearer’s words and collecting round her neck.

Modern Wooden Alphabet Necklace - Little Red Lantern

I’ll leave you with this beautiful video ‘Refraction – The Alphabet’ by Jesse Zanzinger.

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