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A Ride With Valentine

It is only a few days now until I take part in the Cycletta ride in Bedfordshire and I’ve done a fair bit of cycling to prepare myself for the 60km route. My husband has been fantastic and has been out on every ride with me. We managed to clock up 34km on Sunday and he even picked me up and put my chain back on when I fell off. I’m still not a natural cyclist…

When I saw these A Ride With Valentine brooches they seemed to sum up my last few weeks cycling around with the man I love.

A Ride With Valentine Pin White - The Mesh

The white brooch is £16.52 and the red brooch is £12.39 and are unique pieces by The Mesh. I love the contrast of the little figurines with their lasercut surround.

A Ride With Valentine Pin Red - The Mesh

If you’d like to help me raise money for Tommy’s, the baby charity, please click over to my Just Giving page.

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Paper, Scissors, Rock Necklace

Oh the hours I’ve whiled away playing ‘Paper, Scissors, Rock’ with my brother when we were young to end disputes and then my daughter when she was little to kill time when we were waiting for pretty much anything to happen. I’ve racked up hours and hours on this game. The only game to come anywhere close, in my opinion, is ‘Thumb Wars’ but that’s a subject all of its own…

So when I saw this ‘Paper, Scissors, Rock’ necklace by Brighton jewellery designers Rock Cakes it brought back many happy memories for me.

Paper Scissors Rock Necklace by Rockcakes

There are some pretty special things about this necklace. First things first, the rock is a 4ct DIAMOND. A rough diamond that you can ask for in various sizes and colours. Secondly, the scissors actually open and close. That paperclip isn’t from Ryman’s either, it is sterling silver. The whole thing is silver and handmade and yours for £206.

Want to nudge any partners who’ve forgotten it’s Valentine’s Day next week?

Have a look at the rest of Rock Cakes jewellery, you can get lovely things from £3. I particularly like the anatomical heart and the wooden bicycle brooches. What about you?

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Anti-Valentine Presents

In the name of balance and because some of you may need an antidote to my earlier post, here are some anti-Valentine’s hankers.

Tell the b*stard you love them in a passive aggressive way with this card and magnet set by Seas & Peas.

I Love You Even Though You Are Mean To Me - Seas and Peas

These Bottle Cap Pendant and Necklaces by Jewels4Thought are straight-talking. If you’ve split up from that idiot but it’s still too hard to talk about without crying, you may want to wear the ‘I’m Not With Stupid Anymore’ pendant. Or give an ex the ‘You Are the Reason I Hate People’ as a parting gift. They’re £2.60 each for the necklaces or £3.25 for a set of three magnets.

Bottlecap Pendant Necklaces - Jewels4ThoughtBottletop Magnets - Jewels4Thought

Going through a bad patch but don’t want to completely ignore Valentine’s day? These pillowcases could be the perfect present from Bouf.

Barely Married Pillowcases - Twisted Twee

And for the times when only a C-bomb will do, this Teddy Bear by Blackhearts is £13.50.

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Valentine’s Day Presents

Are you celebrating Valentine’s day next week?

You could start the day using a heart-shaped frying pan to make fried eggs or pancakes for the love of your life.

Heart Shaped Frying Pan - The Heart Store

Tell your love why you love them every day by changing the message on this personalised framed print.

Framed Personalised Changeable Message Print - Little Bird Designs

These Love Letter Cookies are so sweet and although it might be a bit late for shipping from the US to here in the UK you could try making your own version.

Love Letter Cookies - BB Sweets

Rob Ryan would make my Valentine’s day complete and this beautiful All Of The Thoughts print is available in three versions (man/man, woman/woman or man/woman) for whoever floats your boat.

All Of The Thoughts - Rob RyanThis is very much my attitude to love – say you love me and you will hear every random thought in my head and is the cause of many of my husband’s sighs.

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Wear Your Heart On Your Clutch

I saw this red leather Heart & Soul clutch when I was looking online for a Valentine card and promptly started hankering. Farrago Bags personalise their bags with initialed key-rings which adds a really nice touch, especially for a present.

Despite my best efforts to the contrary we don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s day in our house (every day is Valentine’s day!) but I might keep my fingers crossed anyway, or you know, just buy it for myself…

It’s quite small but look how much it can hold!

It’s just under £60 including shipping and is a limited edition design for Valentine’s day. It ships from Hungary so if you’re ordering one make sure you leave enough time.

I’m thinking black dress, red shoes and red lipstick but then I am a little matchy-matchy. What outfit would you wear it with?

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Slush-Free Valentine Cards

I’m the kind of person who when given a teddy holding a ‘I love you’ heart never phones the person who gave it to me again. I don’t really like slushy stuff, especially if it’s in the shape of a Disney character and it’s from Clinton Cards. The same goes for Valentine cards, now don’t get me wrong, I like to get something but I hanker more for a note from the heart scrawled on the back of an envelope than a gigantic card from a petrol station. Although one of these cards would make me happy.

The aptly named Valentine Card by Spare at £1.75.

Valentine Card - Spare

Valentine Pylon card by GX2 Homegrown with message ‘I heart your electricity’ at £2.

Valentine Pylon Card GX2 Homegrown

Electric Fan hand stitched card that can be personalised, they suggest ‘#1 Fan’ or ‘You’re So Cool’… or what about ‘You Blow Me Away’? £4.31

Electric Fan card - Leobella Boutique

AND WHAT I Love You Every Other Day card by Do It Momma at £3.50. My husband’s sentiments about Valentine’s Day. In fact, a lot of people’s.

AND WHAT I Love You Every Day card - Do It Momma

I think my favourite, and not strictly a Valentine card, is Yellow Owl Workshop’s LCD ‘Write Your Own Message’ card which leaves you to fill in the debossed LCD template to form your own message from the heart. For the stalker shy admirer this has the advantage of spilling your heart without the receiver recognising your handwriting.

Yellow Owl Workshop LCD card

Maybe I like a bit of slush after all.

Are you a hopeless romantic or a hardened cynic on Valentine’s Day?

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