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Sweet & Salty Lamb

I was hankering after a bit of comfort food and after playing around in the kitchen, I came up with this lamb dish. Lamb is my favourite meat and I think it tastes really good with the sweetness of the sweet potato and peppers cooked in coconut oil that contrasts with the salty feta and peppery spinach.

Lamb & sweet potato dish

To make enough for 2-3 people you’ll need:

  • 6 lamb chops
  • 3 sweet potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 2 peppers, diced
  • 2 tsps coconut oil
  • knob of butter
  • lemon juice
  • half a pack of feta cheese
  • half a bag of baby spinach

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Put the coconut oil and butter in a baking tray and in the oven to melt, when it is hot carefully add the sweet potatoes and peppers and stir to coat the vegetables.

In a separate baking tray put the lamb, season and add a squeeze of lemon. Cook both baking trays for 30-40 minutes, until everything is cooked and the  lamb fat is starting to crisp.

Put the raw baby spinach on plates, add the vegetable mixture and crumble the feta on top and serve with the lamb and a decent grind of black pepper.

If you cook it, let me know what you think!

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Hot Dogs and Hot Mogs

When you’re feeling a bit cold and sorry for yourself and a little cat snuggles into your lap the world is a happy place. My cats are real lap-cats but as is typical of cats, only on their terms. One of them in particular has an obsession with sitting on the back of the sofa or on my pillow trying to eat my hair. I have no idea why, I assure you I do wash it.

I’m sure Fudge would just sit there and keep me warm. But that’s because he’s a Hot Mog filled with wheat and lavender and isn’t overcome by strange hair-related desires. He also won’t mind being put in the microwave to warm him up, whereas I’m told that’s a real no-no with normal cats.

Hot Mog Fudge by Showpony

I’m quite scared of dogs but I could cope with one of these Hot Dogs sitting on me. You can choose from Rufus the handsome dachshund,

Hot Dog Rufus by Showpony

Daisy the good bulldog,

Hot Dog Daisy by Showpony

Bernie the willful greyhound,

Hot Dog Bernie by Showpony

Prince the charming chihuahua or Jack the ungainly Airedale.

These radiating creatures are designed and made by Emma Henderson, her company Showpony make beautiful and quirky products from a studio in the East End of Glasgow. Their screenprinting workshops look fun, if I didn’t live 400 miles away I’d definitely try to attend one.

Which Hot Dog or Hot Mog is your favourite?

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The Snow Lounge

There’s no sign that our little flurry of snow happened where I live, except for the lone snowman standing confusingly in our garden. It seemed over a little to quickly for my liking. Are you hankering after the snow? If so, you might consider bringing the snow indoors with this Sled Coffee Table & Snow White Rug by Duffy London.

Sled Coffee Table and Snow White Rug by Duffy London

The sled is walnut and birch plywood and with the grooves in the deep snowy rug it could have just slid in from outside. It is £2495 from Duffy London but you can get it for almost a thousand pounds less from Hidden Art Shop. Either way it’s a lot of money for something that would probably only work in winter with log cabin style decor but I’m still hankering…

What do you think of it?

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Winter Warmers

Last night as I was lying in bed dressed in leggings, thermal vest, thermal top, socks and dressing gown under two duvets and two blankets next to all 6’3″ of my husband radiating body heat, I was still cold. Even turning away from the breeze coming through the failed double glazed windows didn’t make its usual difference. Yes I know it’s winter and it’s meant to be cold, but how many layers can a person wear?

For Christmas I received a Marks & Spencer Heatgen Long Sleve Thermal Top and I promptly went to my local M&S sale and bought as many as I could hold. I have literally worn them every day since, they don’t look thermal and are so warm. They are 25% off the normal price in the sale and come as leggings too. Or pop over to American Apparel where their thermals are going super cheap in the sale – I’m talking £5 cheap. For those of you put off by the picture below, they also do ones with full-length sleeves.

American Apparel Thermal Top

Wrist warmers are what the woman above needs and what I need when I’m typing, these soft Mermaid Cashmere Mix ones by Avoca Anthology would do very nicely. They are £18 from Inis.

Mermaid cashmere wristwarmers - Avoca Anthology

If I had this Blanched & Buckled Cardigan from Anthropologie I don’t think I would feel cold at all. It looks so thick and warm and I love the contrast of the leather buckles. At £158 I have my fingers crossed it might go in the sale and I can snap it up for next winter, or more likely this spring and maybe even during our British summer.

Blanched & Buckled Cardigan - Anthropologie

But still the thing that keeps me warmest is my onesie/baby-grow/all in one/bunny suit – whatever you want to call it. I used to come home from work every night and put it straight on but since living with my husband who hates it (what? I don’t look attractive in a baby-grow?), and as I’m still trying to keep some sort of attraction alive, I only put it on at select times. But he’s out tonight so I think I will spend the evening in it feeling warm.

What keeps you warm in this weather?

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Coat attack!

Now winter is well and truly here, coats have been reproducing on our newel post to the extent that when we go up or down the stairs we have a choice. Either turn sideways against the wall and squeeze past the mass of coats or knock them all on the floor. Of course any teenagers in the house knock them on the floor without thinking… and leave them there. Not annoying at all.

A near miss this morning involving an armful of washing, two cats and a jumble of coats on the floor got me online looking at coat stands.

The first one I’m hankering after is of course way out of my budget at nearly a thousand AU dollars, and in Australia. The Stoby Pole designed by David Potts was inspired by stencil graffiti.

How about making your own more affordable 2D version of the above with this Power Pole wall sticker from Rockett St. George and some black hooks? At almost a tenth of the cost you might be left with something to pay your power bills with.

Power Pole Wallsticker -Rockett St George

The genius of this ceiling-hung Wardrope Coat Rack by Authentics is its simplicity, you can move the hooks to the height you want and the weight of the coat fixes them in position. Perfect if you’re short on space.

Wardrope Coat Rack - Authentics

If you’ve already got coat hooks and just have too many coats, quadruple the capacity of your existing coat hooks by adding this leather ball Coat Stand by Eno. I bet these smell nice too…

Coat Stand by Eno

This Tree Coat Stand from The Holding Company looks so smooth and strokeable and has plenty of capacity, but will also stand around looking pretty when it’s got nothing to do.

Tree Coat Stand - The Holding Company

For a classic bentwood coat stand the HND Cafe Coat Stand has been brought up to date in red, white or black and there’s even space for an umbrella or two.

HND Cafe Coat Stand - John Lewis

Which do you like best? Have you got any coat stand recommendations?

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Today I have been hankering after clouds.

Not the dark stormy kind that loom ominously threatening to leak, but white fluffy ones set against a blue sky that conjure up images of summer – well an English summer anyway.

Which brings me to the English Summer necklace from Mixko’s Etsy shop. The fluffy felt cloud looks like the perfect thing to fiddle with whilst thinking/daydreaming/ hankering and the raindrops of varying length are just the right raindrop-blue. It’s a great price at just under £20 and Mixko donate 20% of their profits to the victims of the quake in Japan.

I love the way they’ve photographed this with the sun on it.

Mixko - English Summer Necklace

Would it be too much to wear it with one of these ‘Oh Happy Day / Oh Crappy Day’ rings? These are from Etsy shop Weaselfactory.

Oh Happy Day / Oh Happy Day Ring Set
Despite being sterling silver the ‘Dreamy Man Flying Through The Clouds’ range by Jesa Jewellery still manage to look fluffy. The dreamy man and birds flying through them have been cut so intricately and each cloud has its own water message inscribed. I wonder if the dreamy man is inspired by Colonel William Rankin the only known person to survive falling through a cumulonimbus cloud.
Dreamy Man Flying Through The Clouds Brooch

This Rainbow Cloud print from Dig the Earth is so colourful and retro. Imagine how soon the clouds would be chased away if you woke up to this on your bedroom wall. Is it just me or does this bring to mind Rainbow Brite?

Rainbow Cloud A3 Giclee Print
I think grey interiors are wonderful (my bedroom in my last home was painted grey) and this cloud cushion is also wonderful in its grey simplicity. It’s a surprising £17 and even with the shipping costs from Australia it’s still good value. Alphabet Monkey make cushions and crib quilts for little boys and it also comes as part of a set with the gorgeous crib quilt in the picture.
Animal Monkey - Cloud Cushion & Quilt
Today’s post was inspired by my cloudy view.
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